Fun Facts on Drawbridges

There's a lot that goes into the operation of a drawbridge no matter where you are!

Wonder how a drawbridge operates?

You probably wonder how these bridge tenders operate their drawbridges when a boat has to pass through. I have created a fact sheet on the sequence of operation when a drawbridge has to be opened for you to read. The fact sheet is in Adobe PDF format; you will need the Adobe Reader to view the fact sheet.

Here's a video created by Marshall Brain of How Stuff Works that shows how a drawbridge works, which you can find in the videos section of

For those of you on sea and on land that depend on a drawbridge opening

I put together a list of the drawbridges of Pinellas County in a concise one page sheet listing the name and location of the drawbridge, the owner, and its opening schedule. The list is in Adobe PDF format and you will need the Adobe Reader to view the list. This list is convenient to carry aboard your boat (or keep in your car) for easy reference!

Drawbridge safety

Special care should be taken when you approach a drawbridge in the same manner as when you approach a railroad crossing.

Here's another PDF document on safety around a drawbridge whether you are boating under or driving/walking over a drawbridge. It's recommended reading for everyone!