Corey Causeway, St. Pete Beach

A part of FL 693 connecting South Pasadena with St. Pete Beach, the original Corey Causeway was opened around the 1930's as a two-lane low level drawbridge. In 1966 a high level drawbridge was constructed on a route which took the southbound lanes of FL 693 over two islands rather than completely over the open water of Boca Ciega Bay as with the 1930's era span. In 1975 another high level drawbridge constructed immediately next to the 1966 bridge was built to accommodate northbound traffic to replace the original 1930s' era span, which was deteriorating at a rapid rate.

Growth in the immediate area surrounding the Corey Causeway took off, especially after the 1975 span was constructed. Condominiums were built on the islands of the Corey Causeway as well as a professional office plaza, not to mention expansion of nearby Palms of Pasadena Hospital in South Pasadena.

The Corey Causeway opens on a time schedule during the day on both weekdays and weekends. At other times the Corey Causeway opens on demand. On a good day if you are headed towards St. Pete Beach expect the line to be backed up for a while if the bridge is open.